Easter Scavenger Hunt

During this time of social distancing, connecting with our neighbors requires a little bit of creativity. That's why we're hosting an Easter photo scavenger hunt!

Walk around the Vann Park Neighborhood and take photos of the items listed below, then post them to Facebook, tagging the Vann Park Neighbors page and using the hashtag #vannparkneighbors.

Enjoy the weather and be sure to maintain a safe distance while you hunt for these items:

  1. A house that's green
  2. A tree with red leaves
  3. A poster about owls
  4. A tiny house at the bottom of a tree
  5. A green bush in shape of dog
  6. A yard full of tulips
  7. A carrot on a door
  8. Bunny with Carrot on door
  9. Rabbit saying hello sunshine
  10. Easter egg house
  11. Trampoline swing
  12. We love our healthcare workers sign
  13. Them dry bones (skeletons in yard)
  14. Winnie the pooh 100 acre woods
  15. Standing bunny on porch
  16. Two spring flags
  17. Bumble bee door hanger
  18. Christmas ornaments

Want to know about other fun activities coming soon?